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About Us

Our practical experience makes us unique. Law and theory are essential. But, we've been in your shoes and we know that to find, diagnose, and solve state and local tax problems you have to take that law and theory and get your hands dirty. You have to dig through accounts payable files, and purchase orders, and contracts, and general ledgers, and fixed asset schedules. Most important, you have to know both what you're looking at and what you're looking for – you can't waste a client's time with a lot of rookie questions.​


Our goal is to be better, not bigger. We believe that the person doing the dirty work has to be the same person who knows the law and theory, not some junior associate. At Madison Cooke, there is no back room- what you see is what you get.​ Madison Cooke began business in 1988.


From the beginning our services have focused solely on state and local tax – specifically: sales, use, business and occupation (B&O), and personal property taxes. Those multi-state services include State and Local Tax Review (also known as “Reverse Audit”), Audit Management, Consulting, and Compliance. More than 95% of the companies we reviewed were paying too much state and local tax resulting in millions of dollars of savings for our clients. Those savings are the result of helping our clients better understand and manage their state and local tax obligations.

We're Good With Numbers





Years of Proven Track Record
Clients Overpaying Taxes
Saved for our Clients
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