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Our Services

Taking your business to the next level

At Madison Cooke, we take a comprehensive approach to provide a thorough and complete review and analysis. We exceed our clients' expectations and deliver a service that is dramatically more valuable than the fee we earn. Our experience, at many levels, in many industries, has beneficial cross-over that other firms can’t match. In 95% of our reviews we have identified and successfully recovered tax dollars for our clients.

Our services include Audit Management, State & Local Tax Planning and Administration, Consulting, and much more!


Review (“Reverse Audit”) – Madison Cooke will do a comprehensive review of your sales, use, B&O, & personal property tax. No guesswork, no wasted time, just results. Over 95% of the time we find that our client is paying too much state and local tax.

Audit Defense

Madison Cooke manages state and local tax audits. Our assistance ranges from complete audit management to behind the scenes review of an auditor's work. In either case it begins with a pre-audit review to assess your company's areas of exposure and opportunity.


We obtain determination letters, conduct “no-name” negotiations, and research specific state and local tax issues. We structure transactions to minimize, defer, or eliminate state and local taxes. We facilitate proactive tax planning.


For most of our personal property clients we file annual tax affidavits with county assessors. Our compliance clients pay less tax and are better able to manage and administer their personal property tax costs. We often provide assistance and training with other aspects of state and local tax compliance and administration.

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